Yajur Veda

Chapter 1: A Ghosts End

A ghost finally receives her justice

Journal of Dozima Wokish

Day 1 of Calibration RY 764

Decimus woke up in the Guild Clinic to the smiling face of Jojrish the Rider that morning. Through the use of potent medicinal acupressure techniques as he used on Isoke the previous evening, Decimus was healed and whole from all his injuries. Jojrish then informed him of Isoke, Xhen, Devi and Metin being attacked by demon cultists and offered him a ride to Jesan’s home to check on Isoke.

Decimus, wary of the strange man, accepted the lift. After getting cleaned and dressed, Jojrish took him to Jesan’s home. Here he met up with Isoke who was also fully recovered from Jojrish’s care, and Metin who had stayed up all night guarding Isoke. Jojrish fixed them some breakfast with food from Jesan’s larder, and then they headed back to The Sand Orchid.

Mean while at the Sand Orchid, Devi, Auro, Xhen and Ivory Shalem were all enjoying the morning breakfast buffet set out by the Owner’s wife. A few guests, unaware of the haunting, had arrived and checked into the hotel that day. They were no longer the only ones in the common hall for once.

The others arrived shortly thereafter, and joined them at the table for a second breakfast. Ivory then informed Decimus that Jesan had taken his leave that morning and left him a note up in room for him. Ivory stated that it was of the utmost importance Decimus read it. Ivory handed him Jesan’s room key and Decimus shrugged as he headed upstairs. He entered Jesan’s room and read the letter. It praised Decimus for his investigative skills, and informed him that a packet containing all the complied evidence they had gathered on the murder of the ghost was for him to review. He trusted him to deduce the proper conclusion and solve the case. He apologized for putting this responsibility upon him, however he had been called away on important business for his City-state of Paragon. Decimus thought this to be quiet unusual behavior for Jesan, for he always wished to deliver the final solving of a crime himself. Decimus put down the letter on the desk and began to inspect the packet of evidence also upon the table. Suddenly, an explosion of herbal powder enveloped him and he passed out as three hooded and cowled figures come crawling through the window.

Meanwhile, the others are downstairs eating breakfast. Xhen, her eyes keen, looked out the window and noticed five hooded and cowled figures in tan colored clothing blending into the groups of people walking outside. The figures silently make their way across the street and begin to scale the hotel’s walls. This goes completely unnoticed by everyone else. Furious at their oblivious state, Xhen then cried.

“Assassins afoot! They are heading upstairs!”

She stood up and whirled around. She ran upstairs swift as wind to the open door of Jesan’s room. After a collective groan, the rest of the group at the table swiftly followed her. They saw the three intruders heading over to an unconscious Decimus, one held rope, the other shackles, and the third a drawn straight sword with cautious look about his eyes. The room was filling up with a cloud from a sleep grenade. All them took deep breaths and ran into the room to meet the attackers head on. Auro took out a vial of Munificent Anti-venom and poured it down Decimus’s throat. Devin, and Isoke brought spear, sword and fan to bear, cutting them down with swift and elegant precession. Much to her dismay, Devi noticed the assassins are wearing the same reinforced breastplates the Imperial Bounty Hunters they had fought Calibration Eve wore. Metin drove them back and guarded Decimus’s unconscious body. While Xhen backed them up with a barrage of envenomed throwing knives, tossing the knives through poison filled baubles tied to her colorful performance wear that she had effortlessly flung into the air.

Decimus violently awakened after swallowing the potion and spewed forth the spores that put him to sleep. His tunic now spattered with the thick gelatinous substance. Auro lifted him up and took him out of the room as the others swiftly slay his attackers. Decimus noticed the stain on his shirt and frowned.

“I’m going to go clean this off. I think I will go to the kitchen”

As the assassins fall Xhen began to look out the window while stating, “I saw five, they are two more.” She and Auro both looked outside to notice the other two assassins fleeing via roof tops. Xhen then took a running leap out the window, soaring over the city streets below onto the roof next building. She followed them in hot pursuit, her robes swaying around her she sprinted after them. Auro drew one of his flame arrows and tagged one with alchemical fire. Xhen closed in on the second one. In a dance of shattered poison-filled elegant glass baubles, and gleaming throwing knives once hidden in the folds of her vibrant, colorful kimono, the first assailant is sliced to ribbons. He meets a swift yet painful death via the venom coursing through his veins.

The first one managed to put the fire out before Auro could ready another another shot, and dived down into an alley way to avoid further arrows. Auro ceased firing once he lost sight of him, confident the beautiful knife thrower could handle her own. The fleeing assassin made the horrible tactical mistake of landing in the same alley his partner met his end at the tip of Xhen’s knives. She saw him out of the corner of her eye and leaped into the air into graceful arch over her foe while unleashing another hail of poisoned knives. His armor did well to protect him from myriad of cuts and slashes that covered his body, but did nothing to protect them from their poisonous sting. He died in seconds. With a confident smile, Xhen stripped the two dead assassins of all their armor, weapons, and dinars. She noticed with gleeful satisfaction it was the sigil of House Cynis upon their armor. She wrapped the armor and weapons up in their clothing and began to walk back to the Sand Orchid.

Meanwhile, Decimus received help from the owner’s wife cleaning his tunic. It is at this time he took the opportunity to ask her why she killed the girl who became the ghost. The woman was flabbergasted. He revealed to her that her husband had been sleeping with the girl, before their son returned and the girl fell in love with him. She left in a shocked huff and Decimus realized, with a definitive assurance, the owner’s wife was not the killer. It had to be the owner. Decimus returned to the common room, got himself a bowl of oatmeal and returned to eating.

Meanwhile the city guard came. The guardsman took the statements of the patrons, Devi, Metin, Isoke, Ivory and the the owner about the incident. Then they had the bodies were taken away for burning. It was Calibration after all, so there was not much more than that from the guardsman.

Xhen returned shortly thereafter, she went to her room and began to pour over her newly acquired belongings.

After Xhen headed to her room the wife of the owner storms up to him and begins a heated confrontation with her husband about the death of the girl. Eventually an invisible force begins to start choking the wife. Metin dived into his pouches and fumbled for his pipe. He deeply inhales the sweet smoke of bright morning. He watched the ghost girl slowly appear before his eyes, seeing her hands in a death grip around the wife’s throat. Metin attempted to talk her out of strangling the woman. She was distracted long enough for Ivory to draw out a prayer strip, imbue it with holy essence and tag it on the ghost’s forehead to immobilize her. Ivory channels white, holy essence from his staff, holding the angry ghost still. The wife fell and gasped for breath, when she stood the confrontation between the wife and the husband continued.

Xhen, hearing the commotion, returned downstairs. Since she was fastest on foot out of all of them, they send her out to retrieve the Guard so the owner can be taken into custody for murder. The Owner tried to reach for the firewand under the counter, when a spoon came flying across the common room and slammed right into his temple. The owner fell like a sack of potatoes, and Decimus smirked as he reached for a new spoon to finish his breakfast.

Xhen then returned with the Guard and Decimus rose from his seat and handed them the evidence packet. The Guard Captain nodded and the owner taken into custody. At this time the son of the inn keep, love of the Ghost girl arrived at the door. The Ghost smiled happily, then bathed in white light, and passed onto the cycle.

A few crass jokes at the expense of the family are made by the group and the son of the inn keep angrily tells them all to get out. Ivory, the Exorcist, and the last to leave humbly asked for the rest of his payment. His reply was the door of the inn slammed shut in his face. Ivory was sad as he had planned on paying Jesan with the rest of the silver he was to be paid. Decimus smirked as he handed Ivory the Inn’s lock box filled with dinars.

“Take your share to pay Jesan and then keep the rest,” Decimus said.

After being told to leave, everyone had went to clean out their belongings from their rooms. Unbeknown to everyone else, Decimus entered a secret passage found during his and Jesan’s investigations of the hotel. The passage lead to the owner’s office. Decimus sneaked back there, stole the lock box and hid it inside his belongings.

“Thank you” Ivory said, and Decimus just waved without even turning around.

A rather interesting end to the first night of Calibration.



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