Yajur Veda

Chapter 1: Behind the Mask of a Friend

A friend is framed, a Jewel stolen, and a shocking betrayal.

Journal of Dozima Wokish

Day 2 of Calibration RY 764

What a strange evening. Upon paying the Savant Jesan Ferem a visit, to explain to him the closing of the Ghost mystery, Decimus, Xhen, Isoke, Aurn, and Metin find a rather befuddled Jesan. They ask him where he had been the previous night, and his stamper was interrupted by a fang of Chiaroscuro city guards. He is placed under arrest for the theft of The Heaven’s Eye Sapphire. Auro recognizes it as a hearthstone for a manse long forgotten to history. They take Jesan away in shackles as Decimus commented, “I didn’t think he had it in him,” with smirk.

The previous night, Ferek Alamut was charged by Jesan to deliver a message to man named Emeren Jol to an inn and tavern called the One Hump or Two in the New City District. He paid her a bag of dinars for her silence. She did some research on the man though, and discovered Jol was an infamous jewel thief from the empire that now served Paragon, after getting caught attempting to steal from the Prefect.

She thought nothing of this information, until she came upon Jesan’s home and saw him being carried away in shackles. She entered the house and conferred with the group on what could have happened. Jesan was not the type of man to steal from anyone. Jesan was most preoccupied with justice and was more likely to catch a thief than become one.

Xhen, while everyone else was in deep discussion, sneaked after the city guards taking Jesan away. She walked softly and through observation of guard rotation, she infiltrated the guard station where Jesan was imprisoned. She sneaked into a changing room, stole two guard uniforms and disguised herself as a dereth. She succeeded in stealing a pair of keys from a bumbling guard and knocking him out. When she attempted to liberate Jesan, he refused to come with her, convinced of his innocence. Xhen utterly was frustrated she had gone through all this effort, only to have him choose to stay! She left him there after he assured her he could explain away the unconcious guard. Through further guile and stealth, she safely escaped the guard’s station and returned to Jesan’s home.

Utterly fuming, she returned to the conversation with the others. She briefly explained her attempt to help him escape, only to have him refuse to come with her.

They agreed that obviously their friend had been framed, especially with how adamant he had been about his innocence. They then decided to follow what leads they could. Alamut went to go investigate the scene of the crime, the estate of Bey Walid. Bey Walid was the Delzahn noble who owned the Heaven’s Eye Sapphire. It was purchased with the intent to give it as a gift to his second wife, Guild Auditor Raeesha, one of the victims of the demonic murders that lead to a declaration of War against Ang Teng. While Decimus and the others headed to The One Hump or Two to question Emeren Jol.

Alamut discovered, after asking around Old City, that Jesan had in fact been at the Calibration eve party of Bey Walid that night. Much to her dismay she was unable to find an alibi. While on her way to inform the others she ran into Jesan outside the guard station. Apparently, an outcaste Dragonblooded investigator named Cautious Tsunami has interrogated him using charms, and determined his innocence. Elated by the news, yet suspicious,Alamut sent one her number one runner, Kara to follow Jesan to see where he goes. She then decided to gather more information from her various contacts.

At The One Hump or Two, the group has a run in with Emern Jol. Decimus remains hidden across the street, Iskoke and Metin sit down for lunch at a nearby table, while Xhen glides over to Emeren. Using her spellbinding beauty, and silvery, melodic voice, she entices Emeren into her company. She convinces him to gift her with something “jeweled and blue.” He gladly complies. They take a long walk together in the Chiaroscuro Bizarre. Decimus tailed him discreetly. Then after an hour and a half they return to the One Hump or Two and Emeren escorts Xhen to his room. He gifts her with a lovely sapphire he pocketed from a gem stone and jewel stand in the Bizarre. She smiled and in a cascade of silks and smooth, bare flesh, took him to bed. After furious love making both fall into a deep, comfortable sleep.

Decimus, hidden in the shadows out in hall all this time, noticed that Emeren did not lock the door. This immediately made him quiet suspicious. Five minutes after the activity in the room quieted down, Decimus then witnessed Jesan walk down the hall and enter the unlocked door of the Emeren’s room. He over hears a conversation, and neither voice is Jesan’s! They are both talking about the theft of the sapphire and the Emeren is deferring to the second voice as if it were his master. Xhen, who is feigning sleep at this point, can also hear the conversation, but as her eyes are closed, she does not realize it is Jesan speaking in a voice not his own.

Convinced an imposter is impersonating his companion, Decimus kicked open the door, rode the flying door into the room while drawing his Plasma Tongue Repeater. He lands with a feline grace and opens fire on the imposter. Jesan backflips with an unnatural speed out of the way of the arch of flame and explodes into a flock of sparrows, streaks of the essence of pure sorcery in the wake of a second shot fired from Decimus. The flock of birds fly out the window in a fervent rush. Decimus swears and he enters a stand off with Emeren who has drawn a Plasma Tongue Repeater of his own from below the pillow. They circle each other for a moment, before like lightning he snatched up Xhen. “Sorry about this my lovely,” he whispered into her ear as held the Barrel of the Repeater to her throat. “Put down your weapon or the woman dies.”

“Kill the whore if you must, but you will still be dead,” Decimus laughed, and then aimed his weapon more steadily toward Emeren’s head. “Now we attempt to kill each other, or we can talk.”

Emeren tossed Xhen aside.

They exchange words, but not many, as the mark of the Eye of Pargaon, a sign of the oath of obidence to The Perfect wracked Emeren full of pain. During this painful episode Xhen stole his weapon. From what they could gather, Jesan’s body was not his own. Somehow Jesan was being used by The Perfect himself to steal the Sapphire. Nara, who had been hidden out in the hallway after tailing Jesan there, audibly gasped at the revelation. Seeing no need to question Emeren further, Decimus left, patting the courier girl on the head affectionately on his way out. The magically enforced loyalty to the Perfect made any further interrogation an exercise in futility in Decimus’s opinion. After asking a few follow up questions, Xhen followed after Decimus. Kara, Xhen, and Decimus meet up with Isoke and Metin outside in the outdoor part of the tavern and all head back to Jesan’s place.

Along the way they run into Alamut, who was looking for them to inform them of Jesan’s release from prison and declared innocence.

When they all enter Jesan’s home they find Jojrish knocked on the ground, coffee spilled. Metin and Alamut attempt to tend to Jojrish, Decimus sits down and pours himself some coffee, and the others explore the house to see if the impostor is around.

Xhen, Isoke and Arun discover Jesan in his room, inspecting a large egg sized sapphire in the sunlight.

Xhen, Isoke, and Arun immediately rush in, the impostor begins to shape a spell, weaving and threading essence of true terrestrial circle sorcery around him. Isoke whirled her spear with deadly accuracy and the impostor slid aside with lightning grace, her spear tip arch into only air. Arun fired a shot from his bow and he spins out the way effortlessly, the arrow flying out the window harmlessly. Xhen readies her knives as Metin and Alamut come rushing in. As they all attempt to attack the impostor, a demon of the First Circle, a Blood Ape, materializes and attack everyone with it claws, and protects the impostor from the next barrage of attacks. All turn their attacks upon to the bigger threat, the Demon. As they engage the demon in battle the impostor finished shaping his spell. It released a whirl wind all around him, and he flies out the window, leaving the room an utterly destroyed mess. The demon dematerialized and headed after its master.

After this confrontation they rouse Jojrish and explain to him what happened. Jojrish was shocked. They all compared notes and discussed the strange events surrounding Jesan, the sapphire, the thief, and Paragon. They came to the consensus that possibly via his artifact staff that The Perfect could control his citizens. They all agreed this was not information they could just sit on, but neither did they wish to run off and tell the Tri-Khan in the middle of Calibration. They agreed to wait until after Calibration to reveal this information.

However, this will be in my Official report. That Staff is far more dangerous than First Age lore reveals. I do not know how the Twilight Caste who wielded it kept its true nature so concealed, had it been revealed The Solar Deliberative would have ordered it destroyed and the Tributary of Dari disolved. Its days like these I wonder if perhaps the Bronze Faction had made the best decision for Creation.



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