Yajur Veda

Chapter 1: Death of an Archon

Assasination and intrigue at the Silk Smoke.

Journal of Dozima Wokish

27th Day of Ascending Air RY 764

Decimus managed to convince the group, with the exception of Alamut, who was heading to Valen on a courier mission, to join him on an assassination mission given to him by the Guild. The Guild Factor apparently wished Cynis Belar Dominicus, the Dragon blessed Archon, dead for blackmailing Decimus into spying on the Guild.

They tracked him down and watched his movements. They decided to make their move at The Silk Smoke, a local pleasure house run by Saru. They entered disguised as a Raja with two body guards and two courtesans. Devi and Xhen charmed Dominicous and the two archons accompanying him. Xhen throughly seduced DOminicus with her captivating beauty. Devi, bringing all her skills as a performer to bear, entertained the other two Archons as Dominicus escorted Xhen to an upstairs room. The rest of the group then proceeded to make their move. Heading a different flight of stairs, they located the room above the one Xhen was being taken to. They planned to repel down to the balcony of Dominicus’s room and eliminate him. Meanwhile, Aurn is shadowing Xhen and Dominicus, so he can ensure her safety. Xhen and Dominicus head into the room and she proceeded to remove all his armor. She prepared to poison him with coral snake venom she claimed was maiden tea, and a kiss. Downstairs in the main hall Devi continued to distract the other archons with a sensual dance. The quiet suddenly they lost interest and began to head upstairs. Utterly startled, Devi noticed a paled skinned, black robbed courtesan smirking at her and then vanishing into the shadows. She intercepted the depating archons and quickly managed to reignite the attention of the Archons with another vibrant and sensual dance. The archons decide to escort her with them upstairs for a private dance.

Apparently something went awry. For somehow Meticulous Owl disguised as Decimus appeared in front of witness, and murdered the Archon. Fortunately the only witness were two other archons, Devi, Arun Aro, and Xhen. Arun and Devi easily distracted the other Archons, and Aurn was able to eliminate them with a Garada Egg, causing a massive explosion that rocked the foundations of the Silk Smoke. However Meticulous Owl escaped, diving into a puddle of blood from a Courtesan that had been freshly killed in the alley below, and vanishing. I have reason to believe he escaped into The Labyrinth via this dark and ancient rite.

Meticulous Owl is once again on the move. I am not sure his new target is Decimus. First and Forsaken Lion’s minion continues to plague my charges. The day may come soon where I might have to deal with this “spymaster” myself. They will all be accompanying Devi to The Flaming Arena Tournament as her entourage, they need to lay low for awhile. The death of three Archons, and the knowledge of the Perfect’s secret, well, those are definitely two things they need to be under the shadows for awhile.



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