Yajur Veda

Chapter 1: Heralding Calibration

Families form and are reunited in blood, and the shadows of coming Calibration

Journal of Domiza Wokish

Calibration Eve RY 764

Xhen Zsu, cousin of Decimus arrived at The Sand Orchid. This hotel is where Jesan Ferem and the others are investigating a severe haunting. An exorcists named Ivory Shalem, has hired them to solve the murder of the ghost as so he can permanently banish the angry spirit.

Xhen was hired by the owner to perform for the Calibration festivities 3 months ago, thankfully paid in advance with free room and board for the 5 days of Calibration. However, the haunting began shortly there after. Most annoyed there are no tips to be had at the vacant hotel and wishing to avoid her cousin, Zhen went out into the city to find some work for the evening.

Decimus decided it is best to check up on his wayward cousin. Devi was able to use her extensive knowledge of the performance world to find the dance hall where Xhen was plying her wares.

It was here where the bounty hunter Gauju snatched Decimus stealthy, puling him behind a curtain and threatened to kill his cousin if he did not come quietly and cooperatively. Decimus struggled to fight him off but was caught in his iron grip. Gauju whistled softly and three archers point and take aim at Xhen. Devi, who was watching Xhen closely for any shady behavior, noticed the archers hiding in ambush. Xhen’s keen eyes also caught them. Xhen dived under a table and three arrows shot out hitting the table and missing Xhen.

Devi then began a deadly dance with her war fans, enticing the crowd and throwing knives from behind the fans at the would be assassins. As Xhen ran, danced, and flipped from under table to table, Devi continued to dance, hurling knives at the archers and providing Xhen cover. Metin took a protective position around Isoke with his gleaming hook swords., while Isoke threw her knife at one of the ambushers. Eventually as Xhen got closer to the front door of the dance hall, Auro dropped two smoke bombs to cover her escape. The three of them then fled out the door. However, before Devi exited she blasted one of the archers lying in wait above the entrance with two shots from her flame pieces, causing him to fall from the rafters in a heap of flame. Meanwhile, Isoke hurled Metin across the room to close in distance with one of the attackers and then does a flying leap after him. Metin ran up to the curtain where the assassin is hidden, sliced the curtains to reveal the cowering bowman and a life and death struggle going on between Decimus and Gauju.

Decimus stopped struggling and pulled up his legs to make himself dead weight, forcing Gauju to drop him. They engage in a nasty sword fight, slicing and cutting into one another with their blades. Gauju gets in a good and nasty side strike into Decimus, then Deciums notices the falling curtain from Metin’s sword slice. He runs around Gauju with frightening alacrity, wrapped himself in the falling curtain whirling like silent death. When the curtain finally falls Gauju does not see him, and Decimus, who is now behind him with his Plasma Tongue Reapter aimed at the back of his head, blasted him with a gout of flame, killing him instantly.

The assassins drop several smoke grenades of their own and flee the scene, taking the body of their fallen comrade with them. Chaos and panic ensues amongst the dance hall guests. Auro caught up with Decimus and he took the bleeding young man to his shop for medical treatment. Xhen picked a few pockets, got her pay from the owner and was politely asked to leave. Devi returned inside once the smoke cleared to retrieve her weapons. Zhen searched for cousin afterward but Decimus was already gone with Auro.

Isoke, Xhen, Devi, and Metin start walking back to the Sand Orchid, when a woman comes running out of an alleyway. Her eyes were wide with panic and fear, a small baby was in her arms and she barreled into Isoke. In the Harborhead dialect of Flametongue she begged Isoke, as a Bride of Alhat to help and protect her and her child. She was being chased by demon cultists who were trying to steal her child.

“My foolish and wicked husband sold her to them!” she cried.

Filled with righteous fury, Isoke demanded to know the husband’s name and whereabouts so she might smite him. Afterward, she was more than willing to slay the demon cultists for her. As the woman expressed her gratitude however, a poisoned knife impaled in her throat. Isoke retrieved the child in a flash of movement as the now lifeless mother fell to the ground. A group of six brown robbed people armed with knives dripping with black ichor surrounded them. Zhen immediately hid behind the three of them, as of yet unseen by these mysterious figures. A woman amongst them said in an authoritative voice, “Hand over the child and we will allow you to leave with your lives.”

There would be no discussion as the all began to battle in earnest. The cultist slashed and cut at them in unholy synchronization with poisoned blades. Isoke removed her horned helm with her spear tip, spinning and whirling the spear one handed, the helm deflecting incoming knife blows from the cultists as she chanted “The serpent’s teeth shall break, upon the horns of Alhat.” Devi drew her war fans “I know this dance.” She said bemused as she caught and deflected the knives, succeeding in even wholly disarming one cultist. Metin drew his hook sword and spun them about protectively, the one blow that could of struck him, he blinded with the flash of the blade and his attack stumbled and fell, losing his blade. Isoke was horrifically injured by one who sneaked in a strike from behind. In a fury, Metin struck back, his hook swords gleaming in the moonlight and placed himself protectively around Isoke so no more strikes could touch her. Devi whorled with her swords and sliced through each cultist, each strike a deathblow. Devi snatched a cultist knife caught in her war fan and hurled it at the woman leader. Isoke dipped the tip of her spear in her own poisoned blood and ran to the leader, cutting her legs out from underneath her. Each blow struck true. In a mere manner of seconds all the demon cultists were dead.

Isoke, was severely poisoned by Yozi venom, her wound was sizzling from the black acrid liquid. Metin cleaned the wound and uttered a prayer to the Unconquered Sun, then used his mouth the draw the venom out from the wound and spit it out onto the ground. His mouth was made numb by the foul substance but Isoke was purged was of the poison. Devi then sacrificed one of her Chiaroscuro short swords in prayer to the Maidens to “save the life this brave woman who had valiantly fought against the enemies of Creation.” Xhen investigated the bodies and stripped them of valuables: dinars, weaponry, poison, and one set of armor. She gathered two pieces of evidence: a serpent shaped brass ring off the leader and a tattoo they all had , cut herself off the one of the bodies.

Shortly there after, Jojrish the Rider rode up. He saw Isoke was injured, gave her a tincture and a sedative, and took her to Jesan’s home upon horse back. Devi saw to it they all made it there safely and then returned to The Sand Orchid. Jojrish began brewing potions and provided healing acupressure to Isoke. Xhen showed Jojrish the tattoo and ring. Jojrish examined them curiously, then offered to pay her a hefty sum of silver so that he ‘might might keep them for study’. Zhen was grateful for the silver, and gladly agreed.

Metin knows that the cultists are The Cult of Darkness Unseeing Eye, also known simply as the Salamin. This cult worships Sondok, She Who Stands in Doorways, Demon of the Second Circle. He recognized the symbols of the robes, written in Malefean Old Realm.

I shall depart for the Carnival of Meeting on the second day of Calibration. Obviously there is still pressing business to attend to here in the city.



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