Yajur Veda

Chapter 1: The Dawning of True Destiny

The Second Breath of unsung heroes.

Recent Entry into the Personal Archives of Lytek, Damiyo of Exaltation, the Right Hand of Power.

15th Day of Resplendent Air, RY 746

Well it has been quiet an interesting month. Causing some recent scandal in the Heavenly Courts, Luna decided to buy out the marriage contract of the Bride of Ahlat known as Isoke Tempo. She is the last Scion of the Reshroom Clan, the true rulers of Harborhead. She took her Second Breath as a Chosen of Luna while battling undead assassins. She has gone through her Lunar trials and been tattooed as a Full Moon Caste by the Silver Pact. I have high hopes for her, especially as it seems Luna herself is taking a far more direct hand in her training and day to day life than she has in Millennial with one of her Chosen.

The Djala thaumaturge Arun Aro has also taken the Second Breath as an Arrow of Heaven. He is quiet a strong-willed and intelligent young man. His determination to overcome his handicaps through learning and ingenuity is what drew me to him as a candidate, and his daring in outsmarting the dragonblooded bounty hunter Iron Seal seemed to please the Unconquered Sun. The discovery of the one of the lost Archives of Eternal Wisdom was perfectly timed for his the blessing of Exaltation.

The clever youth Decimus Manlius drew my eyes as potential for the Unconquered Sun’s service. During an attempt to assassinate a servant of House Cynis in revenge for kidnapping his cousin, Xhen Zsu, he found he may have bit off more than he could chew when the servant was revealed to be a dragonblooded in disguise. This exalted assassin was sent to lure him out and eliminate him for the serial murder of House Cynis’s servants and retainers in Chiaroscuro. However, Decimus was fast, silent, and determined. Upon landing the killing blow against the dragonblooded with a gout of flame from his Plasma Tongue Repeater, he Exalted as a Dagger of Heaven.

Meanwhile, Xhen Zsu was being held prisoner within the harem of the dynast Cynis Belar Rahl. She took her opportunity to seduce him and knock him unconscious when he was most vulnerable. She offered his a poisoned kiss, and removed his offending appendages with being filled with the essence of Luna. Luna, in the guise of a fellow harem captive of the White Veil Society named Diania. Luna aided her in escaping the Estate unseen and in the possession a powerful first age artifact hidden in the Cynis Belar Rahl’s treasury. Shortly thereafter, she was spirited away by fellow Lunar Exalted of the Silver Pact, including Ferek Alamut. She was put through her trials and was tattooed as a Changing Moon Caste.

All quiet interesting Exaltations, some of my finest work if you ask me. I hear currently they are all residing in Chiaroscuro. I imagine they will make quiet a bit of trouble for Nazri and the rest of the Fire Convention. Oh well, so long as they all aspire and achieve their full potential for greatness, I will be content.



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