Yajur Veda

Chapter 1: The Leave Taking

A friend lost , new foes appear, and Heaven calls in its due

Journal Dozima Wokish

20th Day of Resplendent Air, RY 746

Abyad had been leading the Circle on various missions. I had provided her with a compass of imminent strife. A potent artifact that would help her track down threats such as undead, fair folk and demons. On one such mission they slayed a powerful Nephwrack named Mask of Tragedy.

After one of such missions. Abyad and Alamut were confronted by two women Alamut had never met before. They were the sidereal Exalted Sad Ivory and Iron Siaka. They had come to return Abyad to Yushan to face Heavenly Justic for her crimes against the Celestial Bureaucracy. Alamut demanded an explaination and Sad Ivory flatly refused to explain Heavenly matters to one who did not have the right to know of such things.

Sad Ivory ordered Iron Siaka to “handle her” and they dueled. Iron Siaka was brutally defeated by Alamut and only saved by the powerful Medicine charms of the Chosen of Endings Sad Ivory. Sad Ivory, most displeased, stepped in and using the techniques of Charcoal March of Spiders, was able to swiftly defeat Alamut and push her to the verge of Death.

Abyad called out for mercy for her sister, and out of respect for her former comrade, Sad Ivory stayed her hand and allowed Alamut to live. Abyad whispered into her sister’s ear not to follow her and then left with Sad Ivory and Iron Siaka for Yushan via the Calibration Gate.

Earlier that evening, Decimus had received a visitation by the ancient God Five Days Darkness. He was reminded of his debt from the First Age and Five Days Darkness decided to take the young night caste under his wing. He sent him out to a park, for one of his friends was in grave danger and need of healing. On the word of Five Days Darkness, Decimus arrived to watch Ferek Abyad, Sad Ivory, and Iron Siaka leave via the Calibration Gate. He headed to the injured Alamut. He tried to call the attentions of the City Guard, even going so far as blasting his Plasma Tongue Repeater into the sky. There was no answer.

The situation disturbed him and it appeared to some sort of tap. After a few moments he then decided to take her to the Guild clinic for healing. The Guild still owed him quiet a few favors.

Meanwhile the rest of the group were hanging out at The Weavers Loom. They thought it unusual that Abyad was late to meet up with them for late night patrols of the Old City. They went out to go search for her and came upon a bloody scene in the park. They were able to deduce a rough idea of the events. The presence of four people, the familiar scent of their friends, a violent struggle.

Metin further interrogated the small Gods of the Park. They were informed that two Chosen of the Maidens had ordered them to keep all mortals out of the park and be sure no attention was drawn to it. They recounted the events of the twins confrontation with the two Sidereals, and the leave taking via the Calibration Gate. They returned to the Weavers Loom, right about the same time Alamut and Decimus took their leave of the Clinic since her wounds had begun to quickly heal at an faster than an Exalted rate once imbibing the healing elixirs of the Physician.

They spoke with myself, Runoichi, and Sparrow about the issue. They were not pleased with our answers…



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