Yajur Veda

Chapter 1: War Begins

Chiaroscuro is Attacked by the Fire Fleet

Dozima Wokish Official Report to Nazri, Chair of the Convention of Fire.

17th Day of Resplendent Air, RY 746

This War has gotten out of control.

Out of nowhere the Fire Fleet attacked the City of Chiaroscuro. The Fire Fleet bombarded the new Sky-port with fire dust cannons, concussive essence cannons, and lightning ballista. The Chiaroscuro Navy and the Fire Fleet battled no holds barred ship to ship. There was brazen, open warfare off the coast of Chiaroscuro the likes have not been seen since the War of the Eight Tigers.

An unknown source sent the young Celestial Exalted of the City to defend the Sky-port after the bombardment ended and a team of Dragon-blooded Marines were sent out and air dropped via Sorcery to secure it. When they confronted the Dragonblooded the battle was brutal, and both sides were shocked at the competence of the other side. They were no Wyld Hunt, but held their own. Three of the Dragonblooded escaped and two were killed by the Celestials. In the event of facing such powerful foes, the Dragonblooded were forced to retreat and the bombardment of the Sky-port resumed shortly after their return.

After the beginning of the second barrage, the full fleet of Airships of Chiaroscuro disembarked from the sky-port and lent aid from above to their sea bound brethren, the Fire Fleet was routed and driven west towards Paragon.

The War has truly begun, this destiny has seared itself within the Loom and I fear their is little save the direct invention of the Maidens themselves could stop it.



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