Southern God of Warfare and Cattle


See Scroll of Kings pg 10, Compass of Celestial Directions: Yu Shan pg 43, and Books of Sorcery 4: Role of Glorious Divinity I pg 14.


Ahlat manifests as a huge, bull headed man. He is extremely powerful and influencial, receiving a great deal of worship. He manages this despite the efforts of the Immaculate Order, by institutions such as the Brides of Ahlat and the custom of sacrificing cattle to him practiced widely in Harborhead. He is driven to succeed, and has risen to his current power through calculated political dealings, various careful abuses of power and protocol and by using the goodwill of others.

For example, he used to be associated with a minor goddess called Wafting Sweetness, whose area of interest is hot springs. She helped him in his climb to power, whereupon he abandoned her as being too minor to be his betrothed. Wafting Sweetness is still furious about this – any of the Brides who attempt to bathe in her springs find that the temperature rapidly rises until they are forced to exit before being scalded.

Ahlat is mostly concerned with maintaining his current power and looking for new opportunities to increase it. He probably won’t be satisfied until he is important enough to play the Games of Divinity regularly. As befits a war god, he is personally deadly, a skilled General and is accompanied by an impressive war host (his War Aurochs). Some of his underhanded dealings are not as well hidden as he thinks however, and he has made enemies who are biding their time. If they are sensible, they won’t wait much longer, because Ahlat himself certainly isn’t slow to strike, and he is well used to dealing with enemies.


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