Grandmother Bright

Goddess of The Plaza District of Chiarscuro


See pg 53 of Books of Sorcery Volume 4: Role of Glorious Divinity I


Grandmother Bright is a source of first age information and translations. Grandmother Bright is a soft-voiced elderly Goddess. She has brown eyes, wears yellow and golden robes, and her skin glows at night. She was previously the Goddess of Betrayal and Vengeance.

Grandmother Bright’s domain includes the Plaza, a prefecture in Chiaroscuro. Though she concentrates on the Plaza, she protects the whole city to a lesser extent. She personally interviews anyone wanting to move to the district, and is very particular about who will live in her Domain, putting great stock in personal honor. She rules with care, and enforces safety, sometimes violently.

She keeps her Sanctum in a building in the center of the Plaza.

Grandmother Bright

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