Yajur Veda

Chapter 1: The Heavenly City

Intrigue, battle, and betrayal in the Heavenly City

Journal Dozima Wokish

1st Day of Ascending Water, RY 746

There is much to recount of the deeds in the past month. However, I must be brief as there is not much time.

An Eclipse caste named Sarullia and her Lunar mate, a changing moon namedV’neff Lirine Bajunus were sent from an Illuminated training camp into Yushan. Their mission was to aid the circle in the rescue of Alamut’s sister.

Runoichi guided the young exalts into Yushan. The young Zenith prayed to the Unconquered Sun and was granted a Heavenly seal from his Patron, via sunlight and faith.

They journeyed across the Heavenly city encountering powerful Sidereal warriors seeking to stop them from interfering with Divine Law.

Alamut went to seek employment with Luranume, the Master of Fivefold Luck, as to try find a loophole to free her sister of Divine audit. The others wished to free her directly, believing in the rightness of their cause against the labyrinthine Celestial Bureaucracy.

In their investigations they discovered all of the Celestial Auditors had been secretly murdered! All the Sanctions being passed down were not of Heaven’s law! They ran to stop Abyad’s execution and discovered the Sidereals present in a stand still.

The Green Lady, Ten Thousand Virtues, and Corpse White Lotus had betrayed the Celestial Bureaucracy. With aid from Neverborn possessed Gods they had killed the Celestial Auditors and issued down orders for Abyad’s execution. They manipulated the Bronze Faction to back there play. For within Abyad’s essence was the knowledge of the location of The Black Shard. A powerful primordial relic from the first age that can channel the power of the Neverborn.

With the power of The Black Shard, the Green Lady can ascend as the 14th Deathlord and Destroy all the other Deathlord and have full Dominion over the Underworld. Using a powerful spell, she removes the memories from Abyad’s essence. Ten Thousand Virtues Activates a potent Necromantic Spell that opens a portal to the Labyrinth and the three of them escape. All who oppose them are cut down via powerful Border Kaledoscopic Logic Style, of which The Green Lady is a Master.

Abyad is set free, and Heaven is in chaos, the Time of Tumult has truly begun. My students return soon, and hopefully my council to prepare them for the fight to come. The Green Lady must be stopped, I hope my charges are willing to pay the price of victory.



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